Fritjof Capra. The Hidden Connections

“There is a crucial difference between the ecological networks of nature and the corporate networks in human society.In an ecosystem, no being is excluded from the network. Every species, even the smallest bacterium, contributes to the sustainability of the whole. In the human world of wealth and power, by contrast, large segments of the population are excluded from global networks and are rendered economically irrelevant.”


“The most successful politicians are no longer the ones with popular platforms, but those who come across well on television and who are adept at manipulating symbols and cultural code….At a fundamental level, political power lies in the ability to use symbols and cultural codes effectively to frame political discourse in the media. As Castells emphasizes, this means that the power battles of the Information Age are cultural battles.”

Fritjof Capra. The Hidden Connections

Published by Flamingo 2003


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